Emily’s Wedding Dress

I got Emily’s dress sometime in February or maybe March for alterations. I have done similar alterations on a dress another dress for one of my young women needed sleeves on her strapless dress for spring formal or something. She bought a vintage 1950’s dress that had a sleeve/wrap thing to it. I took the material from the wrap and put on sleeves. Here is that dress I like to call the practice dress for Emily’s dress.

Here is the dress with the wrapfull dress with out the wrap

Here are the after pictures.

Here are close ups of the front and back.

Here is a close up of the sleeve.

Now Emily’s dress!! This one was a bit more difficult it being a wedding dress. I don’t have before pictures (bummer) but it was very similar to this one where it was a strapless dress. I had to add sleeves and make sure it matched the rest of the dress. Then I needed to bring it up 4 inches without loosing the fun accents in the front. It also had a long train which needed to be bustled up for dancing purposes.

For starters, I brought it up 4 inches at the hip to preserve beading and layering at the bottom and in front. You can see the layers and beading at the bottom if this picture was a little more close up, but I didn’t take any close up pictures of those spots. Oops.

Next….Ah, the sleeves.

A 40’s style sleeve. I needed to add some shoulders at the bodice as well to create an arm cye for the sleeve and cover more chest. I added at the front and back keeping in with the style of the orginal sleeveless dress and making sure it could lace all the way up in the back.

The top 3 inches is all added!

I finally finished the dress about 2 weeks before the wedding which was July 1st. I couldn’t figure out how to do the bustle so I took it in to an alteration shop where I felt pretty dumb since it was the easiest part of the dress to fix. After the lady explained what she was going to do, I thought “why didn’t I think of that!?” It was easy but I was still glad someone else did it. Unfortunately, It didn’t stick since everyone kept stepping on her dress and pulling out the bustle when she would dance. Oh well! She was still a beautiful bride! CONGRATULATIONS EMILY!!!

3 thoughts on “Emily’s Wedding Dress”

  1. Hey Aurora! Wow you sew very well! I’ve just been perusing over your website here to see what you have been up to. Feel free to check ours out too!

  2. Don’t be mad, but the vintage dress, I feel, looked much better before the addition (sorry). Although, the actual work you did to change the dress looks flawless, I much prefer the style before the change. Anyway, I hope your special day was great!

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