24th of July

Whew what a day!  Katie and I went to Misty’s house for and Usborne book party Misty was hosting for me on the 22nd.  I stayed up late that night to help her with pioneer clothing for the next couple of days festivities.  Worked as long and I could on the 23rd before I had to leave and drive 2 hours hoping to make it back for the parade in Bountiful.  What can I say?  I love to sew and and love being with family, but then I had to rush to get to the parade in time.

Katie got to ride on the float and I got to walk beside her.  It was so much fun!  I thought I would hate the long walk, but I actually found it to be refreshing.  OK–maybe refreshing is the wrong word, it was hot and I got pretty sweaty!  But it was still nice to get my body moving!

After the parade we went to the park where all the fun was.  Katie was excited to ride the kiddie rides. On the way home we met up with Uncle Bart and Aunt Raquel and then walked to the church where we watched the fire works.  It was a late night once again.  We all slept well when we got home.

Finally the 24th!  We spent most of the day at the park riding rides and having fun.  Then off to the Farmer’s Market to sell Usborne books.  That night we went to a party at one of Bryce’s folks’ neighbor’s house.  It was a lot of fun but we were all glad to finally get some sleep!