Vanessa Hudgens

Last night our family went to the Utah State Fair where we met Vanessa Hudgens!  (High School Musical Gabriella Montes)  Katie loves High School Musical and is always singing the songs from it.  She has been so excited for this concert.

First we had to get a balloon.  She saw some kid walking around with one and has been wanting one for awhile now since her last one popped.  So here we are getting the balloon.Balloon clown

Meeting any pop personality is always of course,  slightly disappointing.  You don’t get to really know them at all.  All you get is rushed in for a picture and then rushed out.  I was impressed though, that Vanessa made a point to introduce herself to Katie and talk to her a little bit.  Katie was a little awe struck to say the least which made her a bit confused at the whole experience.  Vanessa put Katie on her lap for the picture.  It was really cute and I really appriciated it.  I will insert that picture here as soon as we get it.

As for the concert….I think Bryce and I were totally born in the wrong time period.  I liked the songs but I really like watching bands.  It gets me way more excited to dance.  It was hard to tell if Katie liked it or not.  If we tried to sit down, she just wiggled herself back up to see better.  She did not want to sit, but she wouldn’t clap or dance.  She just had a scowl on her face the whole time.  This morning  though, she is singing the songs.  Unfortuantly the lyrics she remembers  are these “who’s got the hotty body?  she’s got the hotty body…” over and over again.  CRAP!  Here is Katie actually watching the concert.  This is the look she had on her face the whole time.

We were the 7th row back center stage.

All in all we had a fun night!  Katie was pretty tired and finally asked to go home so she can sleep in her bed (aka our bed) and so we left during the last song.  Sorry Vanessa!

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