A new skill

I am learning not only to blog, but to use Facebook!  Wow, I am really coming up in the world!  It helps that Bryce is such a computer guru.  He’s got me hooked on this thing.  Now he is cooking dinner because I can not tear myself away from the computer!  He he. ….


We had a great Christmas!  Katie had a Christmas concert for dance.  She was so cute as always.  After her concert she got to sit on Santa’s lap.  This is the first year she wasn’t scared silly of him.  She ran right up, jumped on his lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas.

We decided to make this Christmas a little more relaxing.  We only gave 3 gifts for each person to represent the wise mens’ gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  It made Christmas shopping so much easier in some ways, and little more difficult in other ways.  There was so much I wanted to give Bryce and Katie.  I ended up stuffing their stockings pretty full of gifts!

Katie’s favorite gifts were her new doll house and rocking horse.   Bryce loved his new holster for his gun and his concealed carry permit that came in the mail the day after Christmas!  My favorites were my snow boots and camera, but the ring Bryce got me has to be my absolute favorite!  He is always telling me that I am his ruby and so he got my a ruby ring.  He is so romantic!

Hope everyone else had a great holiday!