We had so much fun for easter.  It started off a little crazy.  Bryce and I had planned to go to Oak City to visit my sister the day before Easter and then spend Easter with her family.  Wednesday, I decide to call Questar, our gas company, to come and do a quick carbon monoxide test.  I just had a feeling that something was wrong.  They came out, found a gas leak, and several other problems and shut off the gas.  We called the Air Conditioning people to come and fix it but they couldn’t come out until the next day.  That night, half our electricity went off.  The next morning we called the power company to come fix it.  They said that one line had fried and the other was on it’s way out, so, they turned off the power.  They told us we had to update some stuff before they could re-run wire and get us up and running.  And the air conditioning people said they couldn’t fix the gas until the power was back on.  So there we were, no power or gas.  I packed up and headed to Misty’s early.  I was so glad to spend the time with her family.  It was so much fun.  My mom was with me so she got to spend Easter with us as well. 

Here is Sophie and Katie.  They love to play together.  It is so fun to have a cousin Katie’s age.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt with the city on Saturday, but we were 1 minute too late.  Katie did get some eggs from some nice kids who shared.  Sunday we had a hunt at aunt Misty’s house.  This was more fun for Katie.  Not as many kids, and way more eggs!

Bryce stayed home to get things fixed up but was able to come down on Saturday after a sealing and Baptism.  He got there about dinner time.  Misty cut his hair and then shortly after dinner he passed out.  We decorated eggs Saturday night.

Sunday we went to church with Misty’s family.  After church, lunch, and a nap for Katie, we opened baskets and did the Easter Egg Hunt.  It was so much fun.

We headed home that night.  Our power was on, but still so heat.  We finally got the furnace working this morning.  Yeah!  Warm showers tonight.

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