My sweet baby!

Here are some photos of the ultrasound I had yesterday.  See if you can guess the gender!

Here is the little hand waving at big sister Katie.

Cute little profile!

It was hard to get  really good 4D picture.  The placenta is right in the way!

Any guesses?

We are so very excited about having this new addition to our family!  Katie can’t wait to be a big sister and change the baby’s diaper!  Got to love it!

7 thoughts on “My sweet baby!”

  1. I am testing to see if I can leave a comment, it had never let me before. Love the ultrasound pictures. There is something so sweet about seeing your baby that way. Makes me want to get pregnant again. 🙂 (Jared won’t let me lol) I can’t believe what a good picture of the baby’s hand you got, that is so neat!

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