It’s a Girl!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged.  I am trying a new program and it has taken me this long to be brave enough to try it out.

Here is the whole story of Elizabeth’s birth.  At least from my point of view.DSCF7190

About 2 am on September 15th I started to feel some strong surges. (Surges are what we hypno-birthers call contractions.)  I had been having them strong on and off for a couple of weeks so, I thought this was one of those early mornings that I probably wouldn’t get any sleep.  I decided to go to the bathroom to see if that would help, then tried to lie down again.  They still kept coming but they didn’t hurt or anything.  They were just uncomfortable enough to not let me sleep.  I tried going to the bathroom again but nothing helped.

2 & 1/2 Weeks before arrival



I looked at the clock and by this time it was about 3 am.  I debated waking Bryce but thought I should give it about an hour.  About 3 surges later I changed my mind and put my head on his chest.  He patted my head and asked what was wrong.  I told him I couldn’t sleep because I was having strong surges.  He didn’t really respond.  I realized he went back to sleep so I woke him again telling him I was having strong surges and they were coming quickly.  He immediately got up and started to time them.  They were about 3-4 minutes apart. I still was not convinced I was in true labor because they didn’t feel strong enough and I thought it might just be false labor.  Bryce had me take a shower to see if that would slow things down, but it didn’t. image

About 4:30 am Bryce called our midwife Chris. I told him to tell her that it would probably be awhile since I could still talk through the surges but we think it might be labor.  She told us to time how long the surge lasted and if it was longer than a minute then it’s a good bet I’m in labor.

Bryce timed the length of the surges and they were longer then a minute, but I was still convinced it was false labor because they were not unbearable.  I labored on my ball for awhile and then decided I needed to lie down on the bed.  Bryce thought it was time to get the pool ready.  We had done a “dry run” the night before to see how long it would take to get it ready when the time came. We joked later that we should have just left it up since we used it 8 hours later.

(Bryce and Katie breaking down the pool the night before labor started. Also the very spot Lizzy was born.  That’s right, in the middle of the kitchen.)DSCF7221

I relaxed through each surge for awhile while he was getting the pool ready. At 5:30 am he called our midwife Chris, our doula Michelle and told them things were getting serious and they should probably come over.  Then he called my sister, Misty to tell her to come get my mom and Katie.  She lives 2 hours away but we thought we still had plenty of time.

I got into the pool just before 6 am and things really picked up.  I was having trouble with the surges in the position I was in.  I had the “bear down” feeling and wasn’t sure if I was really ready to push.  I changed positions and it was a lot better.  My doula showed up just about 6 am and I told her how I was feeling.  She told me to just go with it.  I was still unsure if I was completely dilated, but I trusted in my body and went with it.  Michelle told me to reach inside to see if I could feel anything.  I felt the bag of waters bulging and my sweet baby’s head right behind.  I couldn’t believe it!  She was really coming.  That gave me all the confidence in the world to get the baby out.  With one push the bag of waters released.  Second push she crowned.  Third push her head emerged and last push she was born.  Bryce caught the baby and brought her into the world.  It was very exciting!


Our midwife walked in the door just a minute after Elizabeth was born and did all the new born stuff that needed to happen. Elizabeth was born 6:32 am at 9 lbs 21 1/2 inches long !  My labor was a total of 4 1/2 hours!  It was the most beautiful thing I have done in my life!  Very empowering!  I wouldn’t change anything about the birth and totally believe in hypno-birthing!

DSCF7223 DSCF7224 DSCF7225

Bryce woke up Katie and had her come down stairs and meet her new sister.  Misty showed up an hour later and after making sure all was well, just took Katie for the night so Bryce and I could get some rest.


I can not say enough about my midwife and doula.  They were both awesome!  And my absolutely fantastic husband who was supportive through the whole pregnancy and was amazing at the birth.  I am so very blessed with this family and all the support I have had.


Thanks again for all the prayers that were coming our way for this baby. The lord was watching over us that morning and I know her brother is watching from heaven too!

Welcome to the world Elizabeth Anne Beattie!!

Birth day


One week old