Manti Pageant

Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I wrote something here. Once again, I am making it my goal to be more active on my blog.


So my family and I go down to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Bryce and I had such wonderful hopes for this trip. Our plan was to start down on Thursday, stopping briefly to visit with an old friend. Then we were to make it to Mayfield, where we have access to a house for visiting the area, getting set up for the weekend and then relaxing, maybe watch a movie that night.  Day one went as planned.


Day two—Friday. The plan: to get up and have a nice relaxing breakfast. Then bike 8 miles to Gunnison to the park, play at the park, then bike back and eat lunch. After lunch prepare ourselves to go to the Pageant. Leave for Pageant around 6 or 7 pm, get a spot, eat our packed dinner, and watch pageant. Go home and go to bed. 


What really happened—Biked 8-9 miles to the park. Got attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Had to bike to the nearest store to get bug spray. Biked back to the park. Played, and then Katie threw a tantrum when her friend she just made went home. So we biked 8-9 miserable up hill miles back to Mayfield. Totally exhausted from our hour and a half ride, we prepared ourselves to go to Manti. Unfortunately we had to get there by 5 pm to make it to a store before it closed to get some unmentionables that had been forgotten.  Leaving plenty of idle, disruptive time for the kiddos before the pageant started. And by time I mean 4 1/2 hours. Katie had some sort of bladder problem during this time so had to make several trips to the potties while there. Bryce gets to chase a restless baby around while I get into a screaming match with a Jehovah’s Witness about abortion on my way back from getting Bryce a hamburger. Bryce gets to eat his cold hamburger while I then chase the baby and take Katie to her 5th trip to the bathroom. This was right before the pageant when everyone is at the restroom so I get to stand in line for 10 minutes while Katie holds herself jumping up and down and crying that she is going to pee her pants. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but if I saw a kid in that state, I would let them cut in line. No luck for us though.  Finally the pageant starts, about half way in the kids are both asleep and we are wondering how we are going to  walk two blocks holding two kids and all our crap. We did it, but headed out before the pageant was over. We were done! Home and sleep went as planned.


Day three-Saturday. The plan: wake up, take a run, eat breakfast, go for a swim, eat lunch, come back to Mayfield and relax.

What really happened—pretty much what we planned, but now I am suffering head to toe from dozens of mosquito bites and really sore muscles from the bike ride. The run was not as fun with complaining children so we ended up at the park which turned out to be really fun. The swim was not as much fun as we thought with both children afraid of the water. At least Katie would let us peel her from us and smiled. She even played if we were at the wading end of the pool. Lizzie was just scared and plastered herself to my body while ducking her head to my chest.  We lasted about an hour. Which was long enough for Bryce to get a sunburn on his back and just his back because I forgot to put some on his back after he made sure I was completely covered. Good thing he got the rest of himself or he would be a lobster. Lunch at a diner with slow service while we were starving. Katie falls asleep at the table, but wakes right up once we get into the car. We took the rest of the day and relaxed. We needed it.

Day Four-Sunday. The plan: go to church and go home.

We did just that. It was a really good day and I am glad we went to church. It was nice to sit with Bryce again. The only thing that would have made this day better is if we were not burnt, bitten, sore and exhausted. And did I mention Lizzie was teething the whole weekend?  Yep! popped her first tooth. We were so glad to be home were we can relax from our vacation!

And that was our trip!