My New Look

  So I have been growing out my hair for a few years now. I never thought I would be ready to go short again but for the last few weeks I’ve been getting the itch. So I finally did it. I can’t ever “plan” the hair cut. I way over think it and then don’t get what I want. I have to think about it for a while, look at many pictures till I find what I like, and then just one day I say, “It’s time, I have to do it RIGHT NOW!” And then I do. So here are my before and after pictures.




I totally love it!! Now I just have to get used to it.

3 thoughts on “My New Look”

  1. Your hair is very cute and you look great. How did you lose all your weight? I hope you guys are doing well. Tell Bryce hello from his favorite cousin in Seattle!

  2. Aurora,
    Hello. I LOVE your new hairstyle! CUTE! I started a new blog so I’m trying to “network” so we can share our lives with each other. How are you doing? Your little girls are such DOLLS and we enjoy seeing them at church etc… Come check out all the girlee things I create on the blog and on Facebook in the Baby blue Bowtique albums. I would LOVE to make something for your girls free of charge…just tell me what colors they like and if they wear hats of headbands or flowers or ALL of the above. It’s SO nice getting to chat with people on blogs. SO COOL! The internet can be SO useful and in GOOD ways! I will talk to ya later! Take care and know that you are WONDERFUL!
    Love, Shelly Bishp

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