What is Wrong With Women in the World Today

I have been brought to this particular subject often lately. It has amazed me how far women have come in history and how far away from womanhood we have come as a disappointing result. Why are women these days so bent on being men? That is my question. We have fought in history to be recognized as intelligent, able equals but at what cost? How did this fight to be equal to men then put me in a position where I have to fight just to be what I am naturally, a woman?

Did we not fight to be heard as women? Did we not rally to be seen as individuals with a voice and a conscience? And yet now we are doing all we can to diminish women into non existence. We were created to bear and rear children, and yet we are doing all we can to hide from that divine calling. We seek out as much intervention as possible when bringing children to the world and mock those who choose a natural course. We have been scared into thinking we can not do it on our own that our bodies are somehow flawed and not up to the task when in actuality, we were born to it.  We bring these children into the world just to abandon them in some disease infested day care or in the arms of another (more capable?) woman. And then sneer downward at those who choose to raise the children they have brought into the world. Somehow we have been mislead to believe that these more conventional choices make us free, more individual and somehow more respectful. Where is womanhood in all that? Where is our soft, serving and nurturing nature? Does the world no longer need these qualities? Did God really make such a drastic mistake in creating  women that we have to fix it by being as manly as possible?

We send our children to school earlier and earlier every year so that we can have our “lives back”. Or more commonly stated so that our children can learn how to be “social”. Who are they really learning from?  The teachers? Or is it really from their peers? Last time I checked, my children were not mature enough or experienced enough to teach someone else how to be good and kind to others. I was told once by a very wise mother that we do not put our children into the world so they can be “well-adjusted” to an un-adjusted world. We teach our children in love and refinement and then send them to the un-adjusted world to fix it. A mother who sends her 3-year old to preschool is hailed as a successful and complete woman and yet the mother who sacrifices her time, talents and energy to give her child the best loving education possible is seen as a socially backward unfulfilled woman.

We call out our government as not being good enough, and yet this is where we look to for employment, education and health care. Then rail against them more for not doing our job as parents. And yet, when one does not seek after the government for help but seeks to take care of their own business, they are looked upon as irresponsible parents. A woman will take her child to the doctor for every ailment just to be sent home with unnecessary prescriptions that she blindly imposes upon her child. This woman is respected as one who knows how to care for the sick. The woman who educates herself on every ailment and seeks to help her sick child even at the cost of her own comfort and sleep, who only takes her child to the doctor for serious illnesses is seen as ridiculous and naive. Where is true motherhood?

I have seen woman more and more covering their bodies in tattoos, piercings and hiding their feminine figures in boyish clothes all out of individualism. I have seen professional woman dress in suites with hair pulled back or chopped completely off to prove their respectability. Woman try harder and harder to lose weight at the very risk of health to rid themselves of their womanly curves. We have convinced our selves that the anorexic look is attractive. On the flip side, some woman decide they have no choice but to be obese hiding those same curves under unhealthy weight. What is wrong with being healthy and having a womanly figure? Where is our beauty as women?

A woman who uses sarcasms to make fun of her husband in public is seen as clever. A woman who honors her husband and follows his lead in the family is seen as timid and the man is seen as overbearing. I have seen woman become offended when men show women courtesy. We make fun of men putting them down in television and mocking their very existence, and yet we are trying to be just like them. We do not allow men to be men or even gentlemen anymore. Where is womanhood?

I am grateful for the women in the past who have fought to give our gender a voice. I am grateful that I am able to vote and hold a position to take care of my family if I ever have a need. But for a gender so intent on making womanhood respectable, I find it interesting that in the process we have demoralized womanhood altogether.

I love being a woman. I can do anything I want to do, what a wonderful time we live in when I am given the opportunities that women have today. But I do not feel unfulfilled or unsuccessful because I chose to be a mother and a wife. I do not have a career but I have everything I could ever hope for. I am able to bring little children into this world. I am able raise them because I have chosen to live a respectable but simple life. I have a good husband who supports our family and because he does, I support him. I have a wonderful equally yoked marriage. I look at my family and feel truly blessed. My happiness is not dependent on my successes in the world. There is always time for that later. Right now I have a lot to offer this family of mine, and I rejoice in this time of my life.

What is wrong with women in the world today? Absolutely nothing. If only we would believe it, step up and be women.