New Baby!!!

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I am finally getting around to posting about the birth of our new baby. Things have been so crazy and it’s been hard to put into words all that happened to get this little guy here.

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First of all, I wanted some maternity pictures done before he got here. With 4 weeks to go and really hardly any space on the calendar, we finally got some in with the help of our friend Carrie. She does great work and though the kids were slightly uncooperative, we still managed to get some pretty cute pictures! And just in time, too!copyright tslp 2011

My parents came in on the 1st of October. Another tiny miracle on timing since they had originally planned to come the following weekend. Considering my babies have all come 1 1/2 weeks early gave my folks the perfect excuse to make their way down on Conference weekend. Saturday they arrived and we more or less hung out for the two days. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening with me. In fact, I had been having practice surges (Braxton-hicks) for a while  but they were not increasing in intensity or getting closer together. I actually worried we were making all kinds of fuss for a baby who might make his debut to this life a little late.

My dad had planned on taking care of some business on Monday and then returning to West Yellowstone Tuesday morning. He and I had been staying up late just chatting away and Monday night was no exception. I don’t remember exactly when things started up, my dad thinks about 10:30 PM was when I started saying “wow, that was a good one!” Again, I thought it was just practice surges. I also thought they were increasing intensity and coming closer together because I was tired and had been staying up late the past few nights. During our chat my dad kept asking if I was sure that baby wasn’t coming that night. I reassured him that I had at least a few more days. I finally decided to go to bed around 11:30PM because I couldn’t talk through the surges any more. My dad asked if I wanted him to stay up “just in case” but I told him not to worry about it. With Lizzie I had one day when things felt intense but then went away. I had her a few days later. I was sure this was the same thing.

I got a drink of water and went to the bathroom, sure these things would help, but the surges kept coming. I could hardly get in my pj’s and that’s when I woke up Bryce. I told him the surges were coming on strong but I thought it was because I was tired. We did a relaxation exercise to see if that helped. It did help…but not like I had expected. It helped me get through the surges, but they kept on coming. That’s when we decided to time them. They were 5 min apart and lasting between a minute to a minute and a half each. That is when I knew I was in labor. I decided to go to the bathroom again and take a shower to help get through the surges. He called the mid wife and started to get things ready. That was probably around midnight sometime, maybe a little later.

While I was in my shower I decided to do a self exam to see if I could feel any progression. I was definitely dilated (though not completely) and could feel the baby’s little head. Each time I felt a surge I felt the urge to squat in place. Bryce called in and told me he had called our midwife, Chris, and that she wanted us to call her back as soon as I was out of the shower and let her know how I felt. I told him to call her back and tell her to get here quickly because I thought I just felt his head.

I had used up all the hot water during my shower so while I laid down to try to relax, Bryce was filling every pot in the house to heat up and add to the cold water in the kiddie pool he just set up. My doula, Michelle, showed up soon and alternated helping Bryce get the pool filled with warm water and helping me get through my surges. By this time they were pretty strong and I knew I was in transition. I don’t know how long I did that but the last surge I remember I wanted to cry and I knew I couldn’t do it any more so I asked to get in the pool to finish opening. Little did I know that last little surge was the last one I needed for I was fully open and ready to receive the baby. I didn’t realize this, though, till I finally got in the pool, squatted and started to push. My midwife showed up about then and started to get her things ready when I felt the urge to push. This was much different than when Lizzie was born. I felt as if I could totally control these surges and breath my baby down. Unfortunately as I felt him coming out I got excited and decided to give it my all and I pushed that baby out!

I don’t know if he even had time to crown first. All I know is in one big effort, he came out all at once. My midwife got her hands in there just in time to receive him and pull him up. It was about 1:30AM Tuesday morning. The whole labor/delivery was about 3 hours (our best guess). From the time I woke Bryce to the time we met our little man was 2 hours.


We welcomed our little Alexander  Adam Beattie, in our home at about 1:30AM October 4th (12 days early). He weighed 6lbs 14oz. My smallest baby, but a fighter none-the-less!

I was glad my dad ended up being here for the birth because Lizzie was up and crying nearly the whole time I was in labor and even when I was birthing the baby. She wouldn’t go to my mom, but she was satisfied with my dad. I feel so blessed that he was there and that timing was once again on my side. Needless to say, he didn’t end up going back to West Yellowstone that day.


After he was born my midwife noticed some meconium in the water and that his cord was stained from the meconium. She told me later this meant it was old meconium, maybe even a couple of days. Because of complications that could arise from this, and he was having just a bit of trouble breathing and heart rate dropped a bit after he was born, an ambulance was called to take him up to Lakeview Hospital. By the time the ambulance came (it was quick) he was already pinking up, breathing better and heart rate had improved, but again we thought it best to take him to the hospital as a precaution. By the time he got there, he was a perfect little baby, just a little cold from the ride so they put him under the heating lights. Bryce went up with him and I stayed home to get myself ready to go up to the hospital. With the help of my midwife and doula, I went up as soon as I could. When I got there Xander was hooked up to a heart monitor to make sure things were OK there. He didn’t need an IV and the tests they wanted to run initially, they decided they didn’t need after all. His x-ray was clear and all in all, he was a healthy baby boy.


When I got there and heard the update I took one look at him and said, “Well, he looks great to me! Can I nurse him?” The pediatrician said I could and he was nursing with in the first hour of his birth. A good sign! They kept him over night just in case anything popped up. Bryce and I were able to rent a room and Xander was able to spend the whole time with us in the room. By the next day the pediatrician couldn’t find any reason to keep him so we got the OK to take him home. We got home Wednesday evening right before dinner! He has been our little champ ever since.



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Getting ready to go home….


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A little rough start but, with two crazy older sisters to deal with, he will have to be tough. He is doing great and I feel so blessed for all the love, support and prayers coming our way. I can’t even believe how everything just fell into place to welcome this new baby. I truly believe he is a special blessing in our growing family.

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