My New Year

So, I’ve decided to write about my weight loss. As most of you know, after I had Lizzie I decided to join Weight Watchers and get my healthy life back. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. Here are a couple of pictures to show my before…..(almost 3 months after I had Lizzie)….


My head was cut off in the first picture, but it’s the only full body shot I have. I didn’t really like taking pictures at this time in my life.

Many people asked me how I lost my weight and I am here to tell you, it took a lot of hard work. I joined Weight Watchers because I knew it worked, and I knew I needed the extra support system. Plus being accountable to someone other than my husband was a real benefit. Not that Bryce isn’t supportive, because he really is, but because he was too easy on me. The other thing I did was run. I ran like crazy. I entered several races, especially a 1/2 marathon in Bryce Canyon, and then trained for them. Knowing I spent money on these races and that a possible vacation was in the mix gave me quite a bit of motivation to get out there and train. I was really scared to do the 1/2 marathon. I had never run 13 miles all at once before and thought I just might die doing it, so I had to train! And I did it and I was pretty proud of myself.

DSCF8175Salt Lake City 5K that I ran with my sister, Misty in April 2010.

DSCF8222DSCF8223My Memorial Day Weekend 10K run.

DSCF8329Running With Angels 5K in June 2010.

DSCF8394DSCF8401Bryce Canyon 1/2 Marathon in July 2010 and 1/2 way to goal. Only 40 lbs left to lose.

DSCF8536DSCF8580September visit to Washington and Lizzie’s first birthday.


 (158 of 283) (263 of 283)Family pictures in October 2010.

DSCF8744Thanksgiving…1 year from the first picture posted. WOW! What a difference!


In just about 1 year I lost 72 lbs!

I was just 4 lbs away from my goal weight when I found out I was pregnant again. I wasn’t expecting to be expecting so quickly. After all with the last 2 babies it took 9-12 months to get pregnant. I was sure this would be the case again. Turns out my new healthy livin’ was just the thing I needed and with in a couple of months I was pregnant with Xander.

I had mixed feelings about the pregnancy. I knew I gain weight with pregnancy and I had worked so hard to lose the weight. But I was so excited to find out I was having another baby! I didn’t really watch what I ate and I hardly exercised because I had morning sickness the entire time! It tapered off toward the middle to the end, but I was always battling an upset tummy.

DSCF8090about 4 months along.copyright tslp 20112 weeks before I gave birth.

After Xander was born I decided I was going to get back in shape and quick! I joined Weight Watchers again 2 weeks after I gave birth. I ran my first race 6 weeks after he was born. I ‘ve decided this was nuts and I will never do that again! BUT! It did help to have the mind set when the holidays hit even though I had to completely abandon plan for a couple of weeks.


So here we are in the New Year and I am back on track. I have learned a few things these last couple of years and I hope to continue to grow and learn about health throughout the year. Since Xander was born I have lost 8 lbs of the 40lbs I gained from pregnancy. I have now, 37lbs to go before I hit my goal weight. I have decided to document the things I am doing here so I can be accountable to all of my readers (few they may be). I will post recipes I find beneficial to my goals, exercise tips, and most definitely any successes! I hope any of you out there will be willing to share as well and post any tips or successes. I will be posting pictures along the way.  Here’s to a fabulous and healthy New Year!!