OK-so my last post was all about weight loss. Actually my last two posts. So here is an update on that. I started going to bed earlier and eating within 1/2 hour of waking and I started to see the scale go down.  I didn’t want to get too excited because after all, I have been bouncing around those pesky 5 pounds for over 5 months! But the next week when I weighed in, I lost again! I finally got another 5lb sticker from Weight Watchers!!! Yeah!!!

And then I got sick. Really sick. If you want to lose weight fast, get pneumonia. I didn’t even realize how much weight I had lost and didn’t really worry about it because I was too busy getting better. Plus, once you can eat again…well, you know the rest. I was afraid I would just shoot back up so I didn’t even get on the scale before I went to weight watchers last week. But to my super excited surprise, I lost 6 pounds!!! Holy cow! I have lost a total of 10 pounds since my last post. I’m still a little worried that I will gain back the weight I lost during illness, but it is so nice to see that scale slowly moving down after such a long plateau.

I am almost to goal and I am excited to say the least. My goals now are to keep getting in that sleep, still eat soon after waking and start exercising again. Had to take a break when I got sick and I miss it so much!


So now that I have updated everyone on the weight loss, here is the update on the rest of life. While I was sick in bed we got an offer on our home. A few days later, after some negotiating, our house went under contract. That’s right! We are moving!!! Two months out of the bishopric and we sold our house. How funny is that? I will keep everyone posted on that bit of news.

Lizzie had a birthday during all of this as well. She turned 3 years old!! I can hardly believe my kiddos are growing so fast!! We took Katie to Build-A-Bear for her third birthday so we decided to make it tradition. But before we hit the Build-A-Bear, we went to Dee’s for Dinner. Here are the girls looking at the menu together and Xander looking a little apprehensive about that lemon he’s holding.


Then off we went to get a bear! Here are the girls walking hand in hand. It was so cute! Katie really wanted to help Lizzie pick out her bear. She is such a good big sister taking care of Lizzie.


We finally arrived!

Here she is holding the bear she picked out. She got to press the peddle to fill her up with fluff, give her a bear bath, and pick out clothes. She seemed a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. It was funny to watch her as she dazed through the store trying to figure out what to do and what to buy. Getting to the end was a treat for us all! DSC_0053DSC_0056DSC_0058

What do you think of Build-A-Bear Lizzie?



I like it.


The next day was her actual birthday, so we went to the State Fair. Came home for a little party, and then went back to the State Fair for family pictures! Whew! It was quite a day. I think she had a really great birthday.  I think she is starting to get the idea that she is now 3 years old. At first if any one asked, she would say “I’m 2!” We had been working on it for so long and she finally got the answer right to that question just to go and have a birthday! Then she said, “I am 2 and 3”. Now she says she’s three! Oh how fun it is!

Weight loss stumpers!

Wow! I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. I guess a lot has been going on. So I have hit a plateau in my weight loss. A huge one. We are going on 6 months of nothin’! So I have been trying several things to help “jump start” my weight loss and nothing is helping. This is a fairly long post but worth the read. Just a warning.

I used to believe if you eat right and exercise then you will lose weight. I still believe that but I have been doing just that and not losing weight. So there must be a missing link.

What I have tried:

1. Mixing up what I eat. I know sometimes the body gets used to things you are putting in and just gets “comfortable”. So I tried mixing it up. Didn’t help, although I enjoyed being creative and eating many different things. The problem is that I am a mom and this can get tough at times.

2. NO eating out at all. For a month our family went on an “eating out” fast. We only ate things we made ourselves or at least came from the grocery store. Still no weight loss, but I did feel better. Plus it saves money. So we will continue on this journey with occasional eating out.

3.NO soda pop. Ok, this we have been doing for a long time now. But I thought I would mention it because for anyone out there that is having trouble losing weight, I have found in the past if you just cut out pop you can drop a lot. Replace with good ole fashioned water. I don’t drink many juices either. I do consume Green Smoothies, but the rest of my hydration comes from water.

4. Weight Watchers. Ok, I lost 72LBS on Weight Watchers the first time round. After this last baby, I lost 20lbs and then plateau! Do I think Weight Watchers works? YES! Watching how much you consume is a big key to losing weight. However I am looking for the missing link.

5. Exercise. I get plenty of this. I run, bike, and swim. I am currently training for a triathlon. I workout at least one hour a day. There are times that I don’t get in a lot of exercise for the week and I don’t lose then either. In the past this has been the ticket for me. If I am exercising, I lose weight.

6. NO wheat/gluten. I am intolerant, so I stay clear. But recently I have been indulging (explanation later) and I have seen no change in my weight loss either way.

7. NO sugar. I did this for 2 or 3 weeks. I did feel better about life so I am a big proponent of this philosophy, however in the area of weight loss….no change!

8. Repair Vite Diet. So my doctor tells me that it may be Leaky Gut I am suffering from. SO..I try this diet and guess what? It was too hard to do. So I don’t know if this is the key to my problem or not but I can say that if this IS the key, I’d rather be fat. That being said I do keep trying it to see if it gets any better. It never does, but since I can’t rule out Leaky Gut I have to keep trying the diet.

9.Too much/ Too little. This is the most frustrating thing about telling people my weight loss issues. It’s the maybes. “Maybe you are eating too much.” “Maybe you are eating too little”. “Maybe you are getting too much sleep.” “Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep.” “Maybe you are exercising too much.” “Maybe you’re not exercising enough.”

Seriously!! How does anyone lose weight and stay fit and healthy with such a delicate balance? I admit there is some thought and care that is essential to good weight loss, but if you have to think that hard…there’s something wrong. Plus I have tried out the maybes. Nothing is working.

10. Emotional stress. OK so if I am physically doing everything right, then what about emotionally? Do I need to let go of something? Do I need to trick my brain? Am I somehow secretly enjoying my extra weight and don’t really want to let it go? Trust me, I have been through the entire gamete of mental weight retention. Still investigating this one because I think there is some merit, but going through the process should give some success, right? Wrong! Either I haven’t hit the mark yet, or this ain’t the answer. 

On this subject though, I have noticed that when things get hard or I am stressed, I do binge eat. Especially when told that there is one more thing I can’t eat because “maybe” that’s possibly the reason for my plateau. Or when the kids drive me crazy!  This doesn’t happen a lot (the bingeing not the crazy from kids). And when it did happen I can see why I would gain a pound or two. The worst part is that the longer the plateau lasts, the more frequently I tend to binge because I am so frustrated that I am not succeeding! Even with that, no change. I still stay with in the 5lbs I have been in for the last 6 months!

11. Stop thinking about it. Yeah, tried this. I just took a sweet little vacation from worrying about my weight loss. It was about 3 weeks long. Result…I gained, but not over those five pounds. Yep! I soared to the top of the 5 lbs, then got back on track and dropped to the lower end of the 5 lbs.

12. Eat frequently. I have done this. I do this! I have even tried the other way and only eat three times a day. NO Help!!

13. Focus on health, not weight. I actually do this most of the time. It’s only been the last 3 months of plateau that I thought “What the crap!”. For the first couple of months it didn’t even occur to me because I go up and down depending on the weeks activities, but it’s usually a downward slope. Then when it occurred to me. I watched it for a bit. Then I started getting serious. My goal has always been to be healthy. Unfortunately, that can mean watching my weight. So now what?

14. Vegetarian-I went vegetarian for the week. If you are not deeply committed to this for moral or even dietary reasons, I don’t really think it works. All I did was eat a lot more because I was so hungry all the time. And my first go to when I am starving? Carbs baby! I even pigged out on the gluten. That’s right, all my other healthy ideas right out the window. I will probably limit the red meat, because I do think that is healthy. But otherwise, I am eating my beef sweetheart, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it!

There are several other little things I have tried and not listed. So I guess I will start in on what I am willing to try next. I think there is probably something to the Leaky gut. There maybe some foods out there that are just not good for me. I have thyroid disease (Hashimotos) and yes I have checked that to see if it’s the issue. It’s not. But if I am gluten intolerant, are there other foods that could be causing the problem? I have muscle tested several things and some stuff that even my wackiest homeopathic guru says are bad, didn’t come back as bad. Do I really want to get aggressively tested for food allergies? And this has been just the last 6 months. So what am I possibly allergic or sensitive to eating in the last 6 months, that wasn’t present before? I have decided to be careful about what I eat but the first thing I want to investigate is fasting. Not the religious practice or healthy cleanse type fast. The kind we shouldn’t do.

Problem: I don’t eat for several hours after waking. I think this may be contributing to my weight loss dilemma. I wake on some days at 5:30AM and some days 7:30 AM.  But no matter when I wake, I eat about 9:30AM to 10 AM. And that is even after an intense swim workout.

When I was taking Synthroid, my Endocrinologist told me not to have Calcium or Iron for  several hours before or after taking the medication. And not to eat for an hour after taking the medication. I started taking it at night because it seemed easier to follow these guideline, but since it gives you a boost in energy, I was having trouble sleeping at night. So then the Doc told me mornings were best. So that is how this all started. But now I take a more natural thyroid hormone and my doc for this medication said it shouldn’t matter. But a habit is a habit. I still worry that if I eat too closely and have Cal and Iron that it will interfere with the absorption. You may be thinking I should be rejoicing that I don’t have to worry about timing anymore and this shouldn’t be a problem. Let me explain.

When the Endocrinologist first gave me the guidelines it was because my TSH markers skyrocketed. I was a nursing mother and nearly lost all of my milk, and was on the brink of a total breakdown. I thought I was insane, literally. Turns out, thyroid issues can give you this feeling. I was so depressed it was scary. I have never been so scared of myself in my life. When my medication was adjusted and they told me to watch when I ate and what I ate around the medication, I was very obedient. I have never been to that dark place again even after losing a baby (though that was close) or having baby blues. So forgive me if I am a little apprehensive to just eat when I want after taking the thyroid hormone.

I just learned today, though, that if you go too long without eating then your cortisol hormone engages and this can be a problem. A recent test indicated I have cortisol issues along with DHEA issues. I won’t explain those here but after learning this bit of info I have made some connections. Can’t deal with stress? Having trouble sleeping? Can’t lose weight? Maybe you should eat. Sounds weird and unnatural, but eat to avoid those things, not because of those things.

The Plan:

So I am taking the plunge. I am following Tim Ferris’s advice and I am eating with in 1/2 hour of waking. Even if it’s  a little protein. Call it my morning snack. How I will balance that with the Thyroid medication will be an experiment.  I will try different things and see what works. Along with this I am going to go to bed earlier, maybe try the Leaky Gut diet again (and maybe not), stay off sugar, and still keep doing Weight Watchers. If I don’t do Weight Watchers, I just eat all day long! So it is a great help to keep me on track. I admit, I am addicted to food. So here is the plan for now!