Beattie Family

Welcome to the Beattie Family Page! Here is a little introduction to us.

Bryce and I met while swing dancing. Bryce was a DJ for the U of U swing club and I had just moved to the Salt Lake are from Provo where I had been dancing for awhile. It took us awhile to go on our first date but when we did, Bryce was all over me! Just Kidding. He was very cuddly but he says it was the other way around. We went to Hard Rock Cafe and the Gilgal gardens before heading to the spook alley. We started dating in October 2002. In May 2003 he proposed at Gilgal gardens where we had our first date. He had 3 roses from the rose bush of our house. September 24, 2003 we were married in the Mt Timpanogos Temple. We had our reception in a reception hall 2 blocks from our house. It was an amazing first year. We were expecting our daughter not long after we were married and my parents came home from thier mission in Africa and met Bryce for the first time. October 13, 2004 I gave birth to Kathryn Faliticus Beattie. Also known as Katie Beattie. When Katie was almost 18 months old we started to think about having another baby. Unfortunalty it did not happen as quickly this time. About a year later we found out we were expecting our second baby. Spencer Aragunde Beattie was born November 14, 2007. To our devestation however, Spencer was still born. We miss him dearly. We have not been blessed with more children yet, but I expect one day to make that happy annoucement again.

Bryce works for Executive Realestate Services. He is basicly the IT department. He is very smart and handsome. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have married so well. He is also a published author and is working on getting his first novel out next year sometime. You can read his rough draft on I am sure more will come. He is also serving as Second Counsler in the Bishopric in our ward (or congregation for those who are not LDS).

I am currently a Crossing Guard for Davis School District. It is fun and Katie comes with me. I also tend another little girl whom katie has become quite close to. Every Thursday I go to the Farmer’s Market and sell Usborne books. I have recently become a consultant. I do the Farmer’s Market booth with a friend and we have a lot of fun. My goal is to actually start a childrens book and learning store in the area. I will keep you posted on that one. I am currently serving as the Relief Soceity Enrichment Leader. I enjoy it very much. As though I am not busy enough, I have started to Preschool Katie at home. We are loving it!

Katie is turning 4 years old on October 13th this year. I can not believe she is getting so big. She is very smart and creative. It is very hard to keep up with her. She takes dance class at the Rec center and we visit the library often. She knows how to write her name, Dad’s name and almost my name. She loves to figure things out and she loves to paint, sing and dance! Katie has a very unique sense of humor. It is hard to describe but it makes her extreemly enjoayble to be around.

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