Christmas Vacation

I can’t believe I am finally writing about Christmas! We’ve been in the new year for one whole week. It is crazy to be 2011 all ready.

We had been planning on visiting Texas as soon as we found out my sister was expecting. What a great time to visit home, see some family and friends, go down memory lane, and make some new memories! But before I dive right in to the trip portion, I have to set this up with the day we celebrated Christmas.

Since we were going to be traveling on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we celebrated a couple of days earlier. Here are the girls in their Christmas dresses for church.


The girls had a wonderful Christmas morning! Lizzie was so cute! I set up their tent so they would have to go through the tent and tunnel to get to the tree. As soon as they came out on the other side, there was a doll that plays peek-a-boo waiting for Lizzie. She saw it in the store a few days before and fell in love. She cried like crazy when I made her put it back. She was so excited to see her little baby doll.


For a 15 month old, she is a Christmas morning natural. She opened a gift, played with it for a bit and then went to the next one and repeated until she opened all her gifts. It was so cute!


Katie is a Christmas morning pro! At 6 years old, she has many Christmas mornings behind her. We didn’t even have to get off the couch. She just got right to passing out the gifts and even waiting to see what you got before she went for another.  I had to take her to see “Tangled” before we had Christmas since she was getting lots of Rapunzel stuff.

Here she is with her new Rapunzel doll and her dressed up as Rapunzel—wig and all! Halloween 2011 is done!

DSCF8829 DSCF8958

We enjoyed our morning and the girls relaxed a bit before we began our 10 day road trip. Liz with her peek-a-boo doll and Katie reading her card from Mom.


But before I go on, we also planned for another remodel to happen while we were away. We removed the fire place right before we left. Here is a picture of me in front of what used to be our fire place. I was also trying to get a picture of my 70lb weight loss!

DSCF8780 DSCF8784

So we were off! Christmas morning was done and that afternoon we traveled to my sister, Misty’s house in Oak City, UT. We spent the night there and the next morning began our 2 day journey to Texas.

Here we are at a rest stop for lunch the first day. Katie was so excited that her cousin Sophie could ride in the car with her.

DSCF8834 DSCF8836

That night we stopped at a local hamburger joint. We barely got food before they closed because for the rest of the world, it was Christmas Eve. We stayed at a hotel that night and early the next day we drove until we reached Pleasanton, Texas. Here are some pictures we got as we drove into Texas. There was not much to see during the day, but at night it was pretty cool.

DSCF8849DSCF8851 DSCF8857

The girls held up pretty well, but it was a long drive and they were done being in the car. We had dinner at Jack in the box (never again) and again we barely got food because to the rest of the world it was Christmas night. Here is Jessica holding Sophie and Katie. Cute girls!

 DSCF8855 DSCF8859

Sunday morning and the fourth day of the trip. We went to the baby blessing. My little niece, Christina, being held by her daddy in her blessing dress. My mom crocheted the dress and my Grandma crocheted the blessing blanket. She has a lot of dark, thick, and long hair! So different from my babies, but so adorable.


Just hanging out.

 DSCF8870 DSCF8873 DSCF8879

WHEW! What a day! My brother, Jared, catching a snooze and Lizzie, too!

DSCF8871 DSCF8872

It has been so long since I have seen Jared and his family! They had not yet met my kids, and I had not yet met their two youngest. Here is his family. Jared, his wife Melissa and their four children Heidi (in Jared’s arms), Megan, Ethan, and little Christian. I didn’t get a picture of my sister, Dawn because she got sick and ended up in bed all day. Bummer! Also my brother Wiley and his family wasn’t able to make it. Double Bummer!!


Monday, day 5 of our adventure. The Alamo and the Riverwalk. We wanted to spend some time in San Antonio. Unfortunately I forgot to recharge my camera battery so I didn’t get any pictures at the Alamo. We also drove by our old house. Such memories! Misty took pictures so I will have to get some from her. Misty’s family headed up to Jared’s house in Weatherford, Texas. I bought a disposable camera and my family took a boat ride on the river. We didn’t have time to walk the Riverwalk, but we did hang out at the Rivercenter Mall for awhile. That night we had dinner with one of my friends from High School, Annette. It has been so long since I have seen Annette!!! I was so glad we got to visit, even if it was briefly at the Mi Tierra. A very yummy Mexican restaurant at the Market Square, San Antonio.FH000018 FH000020  0005713-R1-044-20A 0005713-R1-046-21A 0005713-R1-048-22A   

One of my best friends from High School Annette.

 0005713-R1-022-9A 0005713-R1-026-11A

Tuesday, the sixth day of our trip was spent mainly on the road. We thought about going downtown again but with the rain we decided to just head up to Weatherford to hang out with my brother and his family. He lives about 5 hours away from San Antonio, but it took us a bit longer than that. I think it was more like 9 hours with restless kids and frequent stops, it seemed like we were never going to get there. Plus we HAD to stop at Bill Miller’s BBQ so I could show Bryce what fast food BBQ was like. Here are a couple of those pictures…

     0005713-R1-012-4A 0005713-R1-014-5A  

Lizzie was pretty fed up with traveling by this point and kept screaming. Not the crying screaming, but the abrupt, loud, just because she can type screaming. Every half minute she would just let one loose to the point that I had to stick my head out the window into the wind to help buffer the penetrating screech escaping my daughters lungs. I was sure if my ears didn’t start bleeding, I would surly go deaf. But we made it to Weatherford and I was glad to be out of that car. I am sure everyone was glad.

Wednesday, day seven of our glorious trip was spent mostly hanging out with my brother and family. It was so much fun. Bryce and I got up early to go for a run to help balance all the holiday feasting we had been indulging. That night we went to dinner with another old friend TeriAnn, from collage. We were also roommates. My camera, though charged was not at the ready for any of this day (sigh), but definitely memorable. I was really sad I didn’t take any pictures with TeriAnn, but between her kids and mine being restless, it was a miracle we got through dinner! So much fun and again I wish the visit could have been longer.

We headed out for Colorado that night to avoid any more screaming. We figured if we drove through the night then we would be driving mostly while the girls were sleeping and maybe we wouldn’t be as frazzled for our next destination. It turned out to be a really good idea because we missed the snow storm by a few hours. We got into Colorado Springs on Thursday (our 8th day) and by this time, we were very much done with being on the road! But we got to visit with Valerie and her family for 2 whole days! Finally a nice rest from driving. Valerie and I practically grew up together. We have been best buds for a very long time…since grade school! So for the first day, we just hung out and chatted. Bryce and Harvey (Valerie’s husband) and the kids played a dancing game which was really fun to watch. We tried to go to the Garden of the Gods, but that was when the snow came in, so we just headed back to their place and had hot chocolate and relaxed some more.

On the ninth day of vacation, our families hung out at the mall and then that night, New Years, went to one of their friend’s house to welcome in the new year. So much fun. Too bad it was at the end of a very long trip!  Here are the kids playing at the mall playground. The little boy is Noah, Valerie’s son.

DSCF8911 DSCF8914 DSCF8915   

Val and I stayed up chatting while Bryce and the girls slept. I thought it was so cute! They are covered by a quilt I made  Bryce for Christmas. I made it out of his old jeans. Happy New Years my sleeping cuties!


The 10th day, Saturday and the last day of Vacation. Or so we thought. We were supposed to head home and get home sometime that evening. But we didn’t leave till late. All that partying we did the night before….

Here we are saying good bye to our wonderful hosts. Valerie’s daughter had spent the night at a friend’s house, so we didn’t get a picture with her in it, but I made sure we got pictures this time!

 DSCF8924  DSCF8928   

We both just got up. Wish we had taken pictures the night before, oh well.

DSCF8932      DSCF8938 

Katie with their dog Tex. Katie was afraid of this dog the whole time, she finally got brave to sit next to it for a picture and even pet it a few times. I love this picture because they both have the same look on their face.


Because of all the snow storms we determined the best route was through Wyoming. The only problem is that Wyoming is colder and windier then Colorado. Even though we started out late, I still hoped to be home that night. It didn’t happen. We got Rawlins, Wyoming before we finally decided to stop. The wind blew the snow over the road so you couldn’t see and the cold made black ice a concern for our safety. At about 5PM, we knew we were not going to make it home and decided to find a motel. Problem one-we have never been to Rawlins. Problem two- it was cold and dark. Problem three-Katie had to pee, and I mean bad. After trying several places that were closed and almost getting stuck in snow patches, we finally found a Burger King where Katie could finally go to the bathroom.  The wind and cold made it impossible to just stop at the road side, but it was intense there for about half an hour. We decided to get dinner there at the BK since we had enough and just wanted to get in somewhere warm and safe. We ended up at the Comfort Inn just across the parking lot from the BK.

Whew! We were so glad. The girls quickly snugged themselves into bed and watched TV. I had to laugh so here I took a picture of it.

 DSCF8941 DSCF8942 

Sunday, the real final day and day 11. I am not kidding, this had to be the longest road trip I ever made. Here is Bryce driving us home!! And the girls just holding on a little longer.   


But to give a clearer picture of what we were up against while driving home…


Gotta love that chili wind! But we did make it home and boy were we ready! I could have kissed the threshold! And we also came home to our brand new living room!! Good bye old, ugly and useless fire place, hello brand new window!! Katie is standing in the same place I was standing in the picture at the beginning of this post.


If you made it this far, thanks for reading. It was a fun trip and I will never do it again! But really, I am so happy I got to see all of my friends and family. I have missed you all so much and this really was revitalizing for me. And though I am glad to be home, there is a part of me that wishes it could have been longer.

Spencer’s Birthday

Another year has passed since we lost our little baby boy. I can’t believe it has been this long.  Yesterday (the 14th) marked 3 years and this is the first year I haven’t completely fallen apart. I miss him everyday and usually this time of year brings back all kinds of hard memories. This time all I thought about was what he would have been doing on his third birthday.

I woke up and spent awhile just imagining what would have been while I heard my girls in the other room with Bryce. I wondered if he would have jumped on my bed to wake me up because he was so excited. I wondered what I would have bought him for his birthday and what kind of cake I would have made him. Would he be a “Superman” or Robot kid. What do boys like anyway. I guess I would have known by now what to get a boy for his birthday. As I lay there thinking I felt warm and happy.

It was Sunday, so I wondered if our church preparations would have been filled with happiness and excitement. I wondered if I would have told him over and over again how glad I was that he was born and my son. So I told him. I told him right there before I got out of bed that I was glad he was born and was my son.

What do you give an angel baby on their birthday. I can’t give him something to hold or play with. I can’t give him something to wear. I thought of what he would have wanted for me. I decided to live my life so that I was healthy and strong and be the kind of mother he would be proud of. I decided to live a life he never had a chance to live and to seek out my happiness because I knew he would want me to be happy. I also thought of doing something for someone else, so when his first birthday approached I decided that every year I would gather things in his honor to donate to other grieving parents who have lost a baby.

This year we are gathering items to donate to SHARE, which is an organization for parents who have lost a baby due to miscarriage, still birth or infant death. Depending on the type of loss, they have special mementos that they can give to remember your baby. This week we are collecting items from the SHARE wish list and I will be taking it with me to the next meeting in memory of Spencer. All those who would like to participate, I am leaving a list of items SHARE is in need of, and you can drop any items off at my house, or mail them. Which ever is easiest. If you need my address please send me a message and I will email it to you, or call.

Here is the list:

Gowns made in all sizes (I can email you a pattern if you feel this ambitious)

Zip lock bags for blanket packets in gallon and quart sizes

Glad press and seal

Any embellishments, flowers, ribbon, that can be used in box decorating (boxes are used for hand and foot molds)

Glue sticks for glue guns

Soft colored (or baby) scrapbook paper for hand and footprint cards

boys burial clothing in all sizes

I will also be crocheting gowns and need yarn (blue for boy, pink for girl, and white or cream for ?)

I will actually be giving these items at the meeting the first week of December, so you can drop them off any time before that, but this week I am going to be pretty proactive in getting things collected.

Thank you all for the help and the support you show my family every year at this time. I love you all and I am so grateful for you.

Walk to Remember

October is Pregnancy and Infant loss Awareness month. I went to a gathering called “A Walk to Remember”. This was our first year participating and I really wish I had brought my camera. Many parents who have lost a baby due to miscarriage, still birth or infant loss gathered together at Layton park on Saturday. There was a musician from Arizona that came up to sing a song he had written when he lost his little girl. The song was so perfect. I have to figure out how to get a copy of it and when I do, maybe I can post it here.

After the program we each got a balloon. Pink for girls, blue for boys, and white if you didn’t know. We, of course, picked the blue balloon for Spencer. Then we walked around the park taking the steps they will never take. It was a nice walk except I was not feeling well and neither was Bryce. But it was kind of neat. My favorite part, and in a way my least favorite part, was when they read all the names of the babies that had gone too soon. When your baby’s name was read, you released your balloon.  There were so many balloons. As they read the names I couldn’t help myself but to shed just a few tears.

So many babies, and so many parents who had just a moment on this earth to hold their babes. It seems so unfair and unnatural to have to say goodbye to a child who is passing the portal to heaven before you do. I think about Spencer everyday. I am not completely healed but I know in time, it will continue to get better.

I love my children. But having my girls, especially Lizzie who was born after we lost Spencer, doesn’t take away the pain of knowing I have one that is not here. I have one that I’m missing everyday. I have one waiting for me.

To parents who have lost a child, my heart reaches out to you. You are not alone, and there is support. For those who know someone who has lost a child and don’t know how to support your friends/family, my heart goes out to you as well. It is hard to understand something you have never been through. And though we want to be understood, we don’t want you to ever have to face that kind of loss and pain.

You can not make it better. You can not make it easier. My advice is to love them. Love them with your hugs. Love them with memories. Love them with laughter. Love them with your tears. Do not love them with your advice. Do not love them with your reasons. Do not get angry back. And what ever you do, do not leave them lonely.

October 15th is national Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. At 7pm light a candle to create a wave of light around the world in memory of babies lost to miscarriage, still birth and infant loss. And remember to give an extra bit of love to those grieving parents who have lost their darling babies.

To Spencer: We love and miss you much!

Manti Pageant

Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I wrote something here. Once again, I am making it my goal to be more active on my blog.


So my family and I go down to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Bryce and I had such wonderful hopes for this trip. Our plan was to start down on Thursday, stopping briefly to visit with an old friend. Then we were to make it to Mayfield, where we have access to a house for visiting the area, getting set up for the weekend and then relaxing, maybe watch a movie that night.  Day one went as planned.


Day two—Friday. The plan: to get up and have a nice relaxing breakfast. Then bike 8 miles to Gunnison to the park, play at the park, then bike back and eat lunch. After lunch prepare ourselves to go to the Pageant. Leave for Pageant around 6 or 7 pm, get a spot, eat our packed dinner, and watch pageant. Go home and go to bed. 


What really happened—Biked 8-9 miles to the park. Got attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Had to bike to the nearest store to get bug spray. Biked back to the park. Played, and then Katie threw a tantrum when her friend she just made went home. So we biked 8-9 miserable up hill miles back to Mayfield. Totally exhausted from our hour and a half ride, we prepared ourselves to go to Manti. Unfortunately we had to get there by 5 pm to make it to a store before it closed to get some unmentionables that had been forgotten.  Leaving plenty of idle, disruptive time for the kiddos before the pageant started. And by time I mean 4 1/2 hours. Katie had some sort of bladder problem during this time so had to make several trips to the potties while there. Bryce gets to chase a restless baby around while I get into a screaming match with a Jehovah’s Witness about abortion on my way back from getting Bryce a hamburger. Bryce gets to eat his cold hamburger while I then chase the baby and take Katie to her 5th trip to the bathroom. This was right before the pageant when everyone is at the restroom so I get to stand in line for 10 minutes while Katie holds herself jumping up and down and crying that she is going to pee her pants. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but if I saw a kid in that state, I would let them cut in line. No luck for us though.  Finally the pageant starts, about half way in the kids are both asleep and we are wondering how we are going to  walk two blocks holding two kids and all our crap. We did it, but headed out before the pageant was over. We were done! Home and sleep went as planned.


Day three-Saturday. The plan: wake up, take a run, eat breakfast, go for a swim, eat lunch, come back to Mayfield and relax.

What really happened—pretty much what we planned, but now I am suffering head to toe from dozens of mosquito bites and really sore muscles from the bike ride. The run was not as fun with complaining children so we ended up at the park which turned out to be really fun. The swim was not as much fun as we thought with both children afraid of the water. At least Katie would let us peel her from us and smiled. She even played if we were at the wading end of the pool. Lizzie was just scared and plastered herself to my body while ducking her head to my chest.  We lasted about an hour. Which was long enough for Bryce to get a sunburn on his back and just his back because I forgot to put some on his back after he made sure I was completely covered. Good thing he got the rest of himself or he would be a lobster. Lunch at a diner with slow service while we were starving. Katie falls asleep at the table, but wakes right up once we get into the car. We took the rest of the day and relaxed. We needed it.

Day Four-Sunday. The plan: go to church and go home.

We did just that. It was a really good day and I am glad we went to church. It was nice to sit with Bryce again. The only thing that would have made this day better is if we were not burnt, bitten, sore and exhausted. And did I mention Lizzie was teething the whole weekend?  Yep! popped her first tooth. We were so glad to be home were we can relax from our vacation!

And that was our trip!

Our Basement is Done!

I can’t even believe it!  After 6 years of living with a dungeon for a basement, we finally got it finished and it is wonderful.  Here are the before and after pictures of the amazing transformation our basement has taken these last couple of months.  You will be amazed!!!

This is where we begin.  From our kitchen a door separates our warm cozy home from the creepy, cold dungeon. When you first open the door, you see a large storage closet (total waste of space. I wish I had taken a picture of the inside.) and broom closet. The descending stairs to the right.

   DSCF7637 DSCF7638

The Second picture is what you see as you begin the journey down the stairs.  This next picture is a view of it from below coming back up.  You can see the first set of stairs from here.


Here is what it looks like now, same views in the same order…

DSCF8002 DSCF8003


Here is the next set of stairs. View going down and then coming back up.

DSCF7641 DSCF7642

The wall jetting out was taken back and the top two stairs widen. The landing there at the top was leveled and a new back door put on that didn’t scrape the floor and actually opens all the way now.

DSCF8007 DSCF8032


Now we are down the stairs and in the basement. This next picture shows the landing in the basement. There is an unfinished closet on the right.  (this closet used to be a shower. A very nasty shower.  You really have to wonder with these old houses sometimes)  You can see in the bottom right corner of the first picture the cement half wall.  The second picture is a shot of the unfinished closet.



The cement wall was taken back to the full wall and the wall next to the stairs was also taken back a bit.  The closet is now finished. 

DSCF8022  DSCF8011

Continuing into the actual basement.  here is the view from the landing. Notice the wires, pipes and duct work everywhere.

We got new duct work done and you can see a door to the new closet where the washing machine used to be. If you look closely on the bottom of the ‘before’ picture, you can see where the half wall used to be.


Now into the first room of our basement. There is a cement platform, of sorts, and there used to be a toilet in the corner.  We decided to make a second bathroom.  On the left of the big black pipe we put the bathroom and laundry closet. Our washer and dryer are now side by side instead of opposite sides of the room.  On the right of the big black pipe is the storage closet you see above.

DSCF7645  DSCF8013

Here is the bathroom and laundry closet.  We call the bathroom Bryce’s “manly bathroom”.

DSCF8018 DSCF8019


In this first room there was only one light for the whole room. The windows were busted out and had not been replaced since long before we owned the house.  The walls were cement with plaster on top.  The plaster was falling off.  No ceilings to hide duct work or wires and pipes.  There were two big sinks next to the freezer that we never used. There were no outlets so we powered the washer, dryer and freezer through extension cords that went up through the ceiling to the upstairs outlets. You can kind of see those.

DSCF7647 DSCF7646

New windows, new duct work, 2 lights plus the light in the bathroom and the laundry closet. And we have


DSCF8035 DSCF8014

Now for room #2. I decided to put the before and after shots side by side for this room. It’s the same story with duct work, wires and no outlets. Plus this part of the house is a rock foundation so the walls were literally falling apart. The walls had to be patched to keep the rocks in. There was also this weird window deal where you could see the stairs and first closet through it.  On the other side of the room there was a wall that was half brick and half cement. It was also falling apart.  Our furnace is in this room as well, and we had a closet built around it.  This room also had only one light in the middle of the room. Now we have four. This will be our new entertainment room ( TV room).

DSCF7649 DSCF8037

 DSCF7650 DSCF8026

 DSCF7651  DSCF8023

Last room. This room was much like the second room. The rock walls had to be patched and there was another window looking into the laundry room (first room). The window to the outside had been broken out. This room housed our water heater and again a closet was built around it.  This room could be used as a small bedroom but we are still debating how to use it. It used to be our storage room, but we love it so much we want to use it for something else.


DSCF7653 DSCF8028

 DSCF7656  DSCF8030

Well, that’s it.  Lots of pictures, but then again, lots of work.  Thank you Innovative Construction Remodeling for our lovely new basement.

Ringing in the New Year

I have rededicated myself to blogging on a regular basis.  There is so much that has happened since last post and I don’t have the time or inclination to go into every detail of the last three and half months.  So here are the highlights of the last 3 months of my year 2009.

Katie turned five years old the 13th of October.  I can not believe I have a 5 year old.  She is so smart and wonderful to have around.  She is so photogenic.

DSCF7477DSCF7492 DSCF7489 DSCF7500

We went to McDonalds for her birthday lunch.  We don’t go there often so it was a big deal for Katie.


Katie had a Halloween party for her birthday.  It was so much fun! Bryce helped out by doing a treasure hunt and his mom was great letting  us use her house as well as making the cake.  We also played games. Her friends came in their costumes.

DSCF7411 DSCF7392 DSCF7396

And then there was Halloween…

DSCF7456 DSCF7457

My Supergirl!

Of course while Katie was celebrating her birthday, our other little girl was doing some growing up as well.  She didn’t like getting her pictures taken.  I finally got a few good pictures but WOW…what an ordeal!


This is my favorite picture.  I think she looks like Curious George.



DSCF7549 DSCF7619

   Little sweetie.


My girls!  Just had to add it.


November brought us a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  We spent Thanksgiving with my sister, her family, Bryce’s parents and his Brother and Sister in law.  It was so much fun. Tried to get a Christmas Card picture, and this is what I got.


I should have used this one–


Love those girls!  We had a great Thanksgiving dinner.  It is really nice to be with family.

December has been a very busy month.  First- our most exciting news—we are doing our basement!! I will post pictures of that project when it is all finished.  We just got our sheet rock up today.  I am so thrilled I about cried when I saw it all put together.  Now we just have to tape and mud the sheet rock, paint, put in the bathroom toilet and sink, and flooring.  I can hardly wait to see it done!

Katie was in a few performances for Christmas and Bryce played one on the three wise men in a nativity at church. I made his costume in 2 days.  That was a busy week!

DSCF7660 DSCF7672

Christmas was a blast.  We went to a family dinner at Bryce’s Aunt Ramona’s house for Christmas Eve.  Later that night my parents came into town.  It was a nice surprise for Katie to wake up to not only presents and a stuffed stocking but Grandma and Grandpa too!  After opening gifts and eating candy to our hearts content we headed down to Misty’s house for Christmas dinner and family frivolity. The day after Christmas we were able to support Jacob, my nephew, in receiving his Eagle at his Court of Honor.  It was beautiful.

The next day was Sunday and we rushed home just in time to get ready for church.  It was a stressful day because we were blessing our daughter, Elizabeth that day.  I was so worried that she would poop in the dress that she only wore it for 10 minutes.  I worked on it for about a month.  There you go.  Let that be a lesson to us all.  I didn’t get any pictures of the dress or the family that day, but I did get some later with help from Bryce.  The blessing was beautiful and now I realize that the most important thing about a blessing day is not the dress, but the blessing.  I will still make my kids blessing outfits, but maybe I won’t be so concerned with it the day of the blessing.

That being said—here is the dress!

DSCF7739 DSCF7763DSCF7766DSCF7770DSCF7750        DSCF7754DSCF7757DSCF7762


Wow! That’s it.  Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to all!

It’s a Girl!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged.  I am trying a new program and it has taken me this long to be brave enough to try it out.

Here is the whole story of Elizabeth’s birth.  At least from my point of view.DSCF7190

About 2 am on September 15th I started to feel some strong surges. (Surges are what we hypno-birthers call contractions.)  I had been having them strong on and off for a couple of weeks so, I thought this was one of those early mornings that I probably wouldn’t get any sleep.  I decided to go to the bathroom to see if that would help, then tried to lie down again.  They still kept coming but they didn’t hurt or anything.  They were just uncomfortable enough to not let me sleep.  I tried going to the bathroom again but nothing helped.

2 & 1/2 Weeks before arrival



I looked at the clock and by this time it was about 3 am.  I debated waking Bryce but thought I should give it about an hour.  About 3 surges later I changed my mind and put my head on his chest.  He patted my head and asked what was wrong.  I told him I couldn’t sleep because I was having strong surges.  He didn’t really respond.  I realized he went back to sleep so I woke him again telling him I was having strong surges and they were coming quickly.  He immediately got up and started to time them.  They were about 3-4 minutes apart. I still was not convinced I was in true labor because they didn’t feel strong enough and I thought it might just be false labor.  Bryce had me take a shower to see if that would slow things down, but it didn’t. image

About 4:30 am Bryce called our midwife Chris. I told him to tell her that it would probably be awhile since I could still talk through the surges but we think it might be labor.  She told us to time how long the surge lasted and if it was longer than a minute then it’s a good bet I’m in labor.

Bryce timed the length of the surges and they were longer then a minute, but I was still convinced it was false labor because they were not unbearable.  I labored on my ball for awhile and then decided I needed to lie down on the bed.  Bryce thought it was time to get the pool ready.  We had done a “dry run” the night before to see how long it would take to get it ready when the time came. We joked later that we should have just left it up since we used it 8 hours later.

(Bryce and Katie breaking down the pool the night before labor started. Also the very spot Lizzy was born.  That’s right, in the middle of the kitchen.)DSCF7221

I relaxed through each surge for awhile while he was getting the pool ready. At 5:30 am he called our midwife Chris, our doula Michelle and told them things were getting serious and they should probably come over.  Then he called my sister, Misty to tell her to come get my mom and Katie.  She lives 2 hours away but we thought we still had plenty of time.

I got into the pool just before 6 am and things really picked up.  I was having trouble with the surges in the position I was in.  I had the “bear down” feeling and wasn’t sure if I was really ready to push.  I changed positions and it was a lot better.  My doula showed up just about 6 am and I told her how I was feeling.  She told me to just go with it.  I was still unsure if I was completely dilated, but I trusted in my body and went with it.  Michelle told me to reach inside to see if I could feel anything.  I felt the bag of waters bulging and my sweet baby’s head right behind.  I couldn’t believe it!  She was really coming.  That gave me all the confidence in the world to get the baby out.  With one push the bag of waters released.  Second push she crowned.  Third push her head emerged and last push she was born.  Bryce caught the baby and brought her into the world.  It was very exciting!


Our midwife walked in the door just a minute after Elizabeth was born and did all the new born stuff that needed to happen. Elizabeth was born 6:32 am at 9 lbs 21 1/2 inches long !  My labor was a total of 4 1/2 hours!  It was the most beautiful thing I have done in my life!  Very empowering!  I wouldn’t change anything about the birth and totally believe in hypno-birthing!

DSCF7223 DSCF7224 DSCF7225

Bryce woke up Katie and had her come down stairs and meet her new sister.  Misty showed up an hour later and after making sure all was well, just took Katie for the night so Bryce and I could get some rest.


I can not say enough about my midwife and doula.  They were both awesome!  And my absolutely fantastic husband who was supportive through the whole pregnancy and was amazing at the birth.  I am so very blessed with this family and all the support I have had.


Thanks again for all the prayers that were coming our way for this baby. The lord was watching over us that morning and I know her brother is watching from heaven too!

Welcome to the world Elizabeth Anne Beattie!!

Birth day


One week old


My sweet baby!

Here are some photos of the ultrasound I had yesterday.  See if you can guess the gender!

Here is the little hand waving at big sister Katie.

Cute little profile!

It was hard to get  really good 4D picture.  The placenta is right in the way!

Any guesses?

We are so very excited about having this new addition to our family!  Katie can’t wait to be a big sister and change the baby’s diaper!  Got to love it!


We had so much fun for easter.  It started off a little crazy.  Bryce and I had planned to go to Oak City to visit my sister the day before Easter and then spend Easter with her family.  Wednesday, I decide to call Questar, our gas company, to come and do a quick carbon monoxide test.  I just had a feeling that something was wrong.  They came out, found a gas leak, and several other problems and shut off the gas.  We called the Air Conditioning people to come and fix it but they couldn’t come out until the next day.  That night, half our electricity went off.  The next morning we called the power company to come fix it.  They said that one line had fried and the other was on it’s way out, so, they turned off the power.  They told us we had to update some stuff before they could re-run wire and get us up and running.  And the air conditioning people said they couldn’t fix the gas until the power was back on.  So there we were, no power or gas.  I packed up and headed to Misty’s early.  I was so glad to spend the time with her family.  It was so much fun.  My mom was with me so she got to spend Easter with us as well. 

Here is Sophie and Katie.  They love to play together.  It is so fun to have a cousin Katie’s age.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt with the city on Saturday, but we were 1 minute too late.  Katie did get some eggs from some nice kids who shared.  Sunday we had a hunt at aunt Misty’s house.  This was more fun for Katie.  Not as many kids, and way more eggs!

Bryce stayed home to get things fixed up but was able to come down on Saturday after a sealing and Baptism.  He got there about dinner time.  Misty cut his hair and then shortly after dinner he passed out.  We decorated eggs Saturday night.

Sunday we went to church with Misty’s family.  After church, lunch, and a nap for Katie, we opened baskets and did the Easter Egg Hunt.  It was so much fun.

We headed home that night.  Our power was on, but still so heat.  We finally got the furnace working this morning.  Yeah!  Warm showers tonight.