I Have a New Closet

I will be posting pictures soon!  I got a new camera for Christmas and I am still learning how to use it.  But I have a new closet and I am so very excited!

My dad came out for a couple of weeks to help me with it.  He did most of it, but I still helped so I am taking some credit. Bryce helped too!  It was a family project, even Katie got to mud and paint a little.

Now on to our stairs and then to our fire place!  Hopefully then we can put the house up for sale.  Here’s hoping!

I will be sad when my parents leave.  I actually got to talk to adults during the day.  Katie is fun to talk to, but still just four.  I will miss them.

A new skill

I am learning not only to blog, but to use Facebook!  Wow, I am really coming up in the world!  It helps that Bryce is such a computer guru.  He’s got me hooked on this thing.  Now he is cooking dinner because I can not tear myself away from the computer!  He he. ….


We had a great Christmas!  Katie had a Christmas concert for dance.  She was so cute as always.  After her concert she got to sit on Santa’s lap.  This is the first year she wasn’t scared silly of him.  She ran right up, jumped on his lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas.

We decided to make this Christmas a little more relaxing.  We only gave 3 gifts for each person to represent the wise mens’ gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  It made Christmas shopping so much easier in some ways, and little more difficult in other ways.  There was so much I wanted to give Bryce and Katie.  I ended up stuffing their stockings pretty full of gifts!

Katie’s favorite gifts were her new doll house and rocking horse.   Bryce loved his new holster for his gun and his concealed carry permit that came in the mail the day after Christmas!  My favorites were my snow boots and camera, but the ring Bryce got me has to be my absolute favorite!  He is always telling me that I am his ruby and so he got my a ruby ring.  He is so romantic!

Hope everyone else had a great holiday!

Catching Up

It seems like it has been just a whirlwind of activities the last few months.  It is time to post what we have been up to and show off some pictures!!  Of course I will start with my all time favorite “I’ve just been caught” picture.  Our family loves Karaoke.  Here I am singing away.  I turned and Bryce took a picture.  We don’t claim to be the best, but we sure love it.

Next, Bryce and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been 5 years and we are still madly in love.  Every year Bryce hides little notes for me to find on our anniversary.  He’s such a romantic!  This year he told me that I would definatly find the note before I left to go Cross Guarding!  I tried to find it but couldn’t.  Sure enough, right before I left I found it and had to take pictures!

People on the road would honk at us.  I even had one of my sub’s for crossing ask me if I was Aurora of “Bryce and Aurora”.  I said “Yes, I am!”  She then congratulated me for our 5 years.  He is such a sweetie.

October started off fun.  We went on a family vacation to West Yellowstone with our friends the Hanfts.  Mike, Elisa, and Calli.  As you can see it was very cold.

We think we may try to go again when it isn’t snowing.  We didn’t see too many animals but we did have a lot of fun.


Katie turned 4 this year.  I can hardly believe it.  She is getting so big.  I took these pictures at the same reception hall Bryce and I had our wedding reception.  Pretty cool.

Katie once again had a dance concert.  This time it was here halloween performance.  She did a chicken dance.  She was so cute in her costume!

She did a great job!  I was a little worried because of last year’s fiasco, but she performed like a pro!

I thought these pictures were funny!  Here is Katie working side by side with Dad.  She had a bloody nose and so to be sure it would stop bleeding, on both sides, she insisted on plugs.

Just makes you hungry doesn’t it!


Here is Katie’s costume.  I had to get it finished before I had my gallbladder surgery.  She was so cute, I took lots of pictures!  Here she is.

We called her a disco bug, but she looks more like a fairy.  I was supposed to dress up the same way, but I barely got her costume made 2 days before my surgery.  And I just didn’t feel like sewing afterwards!

Bryce dressed up as Robin Hood again.  I made him his costume a couple of years ago.  And I dressed up like a cat.  No sewing required this time.  But next year will be awesome!

We went to a party on Halloween at the Hanfts’ house.  We had a lot of fun.  I was still not feeling my best but I managed to eat a lot anyway!

November is now here!  Whew what a ride.  I am the Enrichment Leader in our ward and this year for our service project we donated a Christmas tree to the Safe Harbor Christmas tree auction.  Our Relief Society hand made many of the decorations for the tree.  I made the advent quilt and put together a program for the Relief Society Sisters for enrichment night.  Our tree turned out so cute!  Here is the tree and advent quilt. It auctioned out at $800.  That’s pretty good since we only spent $150 on it total.

Whew!  What a ride.

Next was Spencer’s birthday.  I have hit the one year mark for losing our little boy.  I can’t believe it has been a year already.  I will have his page up soon.  Please be patient.  I am still getting used to all this blog stuff.

Amazing Naps

It will never cease to amaze me how children can fall asleep just about anytime anywhere.  I was working on the computer one day and Katie was into our snack cabinet.  I took a look and got after her for making a mess.  I told her she would not get any privilages until after she cleaned up after herself.  I hear her groaning in the kitchen and I ask her what the matter was.  she says the popcorn is too heavy and she can’t put it away.  I start getting frustrated because I think she is being cranky for no reason and is making excuses for not cleaning up after herself.  So I tell her, the classic “It wasn’t too heavy to take it out and make a mess, it’s not too heavy to put away.”  A couple of minutes pass and I don’t hear anything.  I think maybe she went upstairs or something so I look over and see her draped across the popcorn completely passed out.  Feeling like the world’s worst mom I pick her up and tuck her in for a nap.  Then I went over to finish cleaning up and sure enough, that sucker was heavy.  I felt so bad that I had gotten after her but at the same time, I got the cutest picture!!

Vanessa Hudgens

Last night our family went to the Utah State Fair where we met Vanessa Hudgens!  (High School Musical Gabriella Montes)  Katie loves High School Musical and is always singing the songs from it.  She has been so excited for this concert.

First we had to get a balloon.  She saw some kid walking around with one and has been wanting one for awhile now since her last one popped.  So here we are getting the balloon.Balloon clown

Meeting any pop personality is always of course,  slightly disappointing.  You don’t get to really know them at all.  All you get is rushed in for a picture and then rushed out.  I was impressed though, that Vanessa made a point to introduce herself to Katie and talk to her a little bit.  Katie was a little awe struck to say the least which made her a bit confused at the whole experience.  Vanessa put Katie on her lap for the picture.  It was really cute and I really appriciated it.  I will insert that picture here as soon as we get it.

As for the concert….I think Bryce and I were totally born in the wrong time period.  I liked the songs but I really like watching bands.  It gets me way more excited to dance.  It was hard to tell if Katie liked it or not.  If we tried to sit down, she just wiggled herself back up to see better.  She did not want to sit, but she wouldn’t clap or dance.  She just had a scowl on her face the whole time.  This morning  though, she is singing the songs.  Unfortuantly the lyrics she remembers  are these “who’s got the hotty body?  she’s got the hotty body…” over and over again.  CRAP!  Here is Katie actually watching the concert.  This is the look she had on her face the whole time.

We were the 7th row back center stage.

All in all we had a fun night!  Katie was pretty tired and finally asked to go home so she can sleep in her bed (aka our bed) and so we left during the last song.  Sorry Vanessa!

It has been a crazy month

January seems to be the longest month!  It’s boring, nothing much is going on, it’s right after the holidays so it seems like life just comes to an abrupt stop.  But then comes August.  August must be the craziest month of them all.  I thought December is bad.  But in August everyone is trying to get in their last camping trips and vacations before school starts and then they are rushing to get ready for school.  Katie isn’t even in school and I still felt the rush.  All the parties and farmer’s market and of course I started doing the cross guard thing again.  I wonder when we will finally stop to take a breath.  Anyone else feel like August just blew by?  And I don’t mean a pleasant breeze, I mean like a hurricane!

24th of July

Whew what a day!  Katie and I went to Misty’s house for and Usborne book party Misty was hosting for me on the 22nd.  I stayed up late that night to help her with pioneer clothing for the next couple of days festivities.  Worked as long and I could on the 23rd before I had to leave and drive 2 hours hoping to make it back for the parade in Bountiful.  What can I say?  I love to sew and and love being with family, but then I had to rush to get to the parade in time.

Katie got to ride on the float and I got to walk beside her.  It was so much fun!  I thought I would hate the long walk, but I actually found it to be refreshing.  OK–maybe refreshing is the wrong word, it was hot and I got pretty sweaty!  But it was still nice to get my body moving!

After the parade we went to the park where all the fun was.  Katie was excited to ride the kiddie rides. On the way home we met up with Uncle Bart and Aunt Raquel and then walked to the church where we watched the fire works.  It was a late night once again.  We all slept well when we got home.

Finally the 24th!  We spent most of the day at the park riding rides and having fun.  Then off to the Farmer’s Market to sell Usborne books.  That night we went to a party at one of Bryce’s folks’ neighbor’s house.  It was a lot of fun but we were all glad to finally get some sleep!

Emily’s Wedding Dress

I got Emily’s dress sometime in February or maybe March for alterations. I have done similar alterations on a dress another dress for one of my young women needed sleeves on her strapless dress for spring formal or something. She bought a vintage 1950’s dress that had a sleeve/wrap thing to it. I took the material from the wrap and put on sleeves. Here is that dress I like to call the practice dress for Emily’s dress.

Here is the dress with the wrapfull dress with out the wrap

Here are the after pictures.

Here are close ups of the front and back.

Here is a close up of the sleeve.

Now Emily’s dress!! This one was a bit more difficult it being a wedding dress. I don’t have before pictures (bummer) but it was very similar to this one where it was a strapless dress. I had to add sleeves and make sure it matched the rest of the dress. Then I needed to bring it up 4 inches without loosing the fun accents in the front. It also had a long train which needed to be bustled up for dancing purposes.

For starters, I brought it up 4 inches at the hip to preserve beading and layering at the bottom and in front. You can see the layers and beading at the bottom if this picture was a little more close up, but I didn’t take any close up pictures of those spots. Oops.

Next….Ah, the sleeves.

A 40’s style sleeve. I needed to add some shoulders at the bodice as well to create an arm cye for the sleeve and cover more chest. I added at the front and back keeping in with the style of the orginal sleeveless dress and making sure it could lace all the way up in the back.

The top 3 inches is all added!

I finally finished the dress about 2 weeks before the wedding which was July 1st. I couldn’t figure out how to do the bustle so I took it in to an alteration shop where I felt pretty dumb since it was the easiest part of the dress to fix. After the lady explained what she was going to do, I thought “why didn’t I think of that!?” It was easy but I was still glad someone else did it. Unfortunately, It didn’t stick since everyone kept stepping on her dress and pulling out the bustle when she would dance. Oh well! She was still a beautiful bride! CONGRATULATIONS EMILY!!!