OK-so my last post was all about weight loss. Actually my last two posts. So here is an update on that. I started going to bed earlier and eating within 1/2 hour of waking and I started to see the scale go down.  I didn’t want to get too excited because after all, I have been bouncing around those pesky 5 pounds for over 5 months! But the next week when I weighed in, I lost again! I finally got another 5lb sticker from Weight Watchers!!! Yeah!!!

And then I got sick. Really sick. If you want to lose weight fast, get pneumonia. I didn’t even realize how much weight I had lost and didn’t really worry about it because I was too busy getting better. Plus, once you can eat again…well, you know the rest. I was afraid I would just shoot back up so I didn’t even get on the scale before I went to weight watchers last week. But to my super excited surprise, I lost 6 pounds!!! Holy cow! I have lost a total of 10 pounds since my last post. I’m still a little worried that I will gain back the weight I lost during illness, but it is so nice to see that scale slowly moving down after such a long plateau.

I am almost to goal and I am excited to say the least. My goals now are to keep getting in that sleep, still eat soon after waking and start exercising again. Had to take a break when I got sick and I miss it so much!


So now that I have updated everyone on the weight loss, here is the update on the rest of life. While I was sick in bed we got an offer on our home. A few days later, after some negotiating, our house went under contract. That’s right! We are moving!!! Two months out of the bishopric and we sold our house. How funny is that? I will keep everyone posted on that bit of news.

Lizzie had a birthday during all of this as well. She turned 3 years old!! I can hardly believe my kiddos are growing so fast!! We took Katie to Build-A-Bear for her third birthday so we decided to make it tradition. But before we hit the Build-A-Bear, we went to Dee’s for Dinner. Here are the girls looking at the menu together and Xander looking a little apprehensive about that lemon he’s holding.


Then off we went to get a bear! Here are the girls walking hand in hand. It was so cute! Katie really wanted to help Lizzie pick out her bear. She is such a good big sister taking care of Lizzie.


We finally arrived!

Here she is holding the bear she picked out. She got to press the peddle to fill her up with fluff, give her a bear bath, and pick out clothes. She seemed a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. It was funny to watch her as she dazed through the store trying to figure out what to do and what to buy. Getting to the end was a treat for us all! DSC_0053DSC_0056DSC_0058

What do you think of Build-A-Bear Lizzie?



I like it.


The next day was her actual birthday, so we went to the State Fair. Came home for a little party, and then went back to the State Fair for family pictures! Whew! It was quite a day. I think she had a really great birthday.  I think she is starting to get the idea that she is now 3 years old. At first if any one asked, she would say “I’m 2!” We had been working on it for so long and she finally got the answer right to that question just to go and have a birthday! Then she said, “I am 2 and 3”. Now she says she’s three! Oh how fun it is!