Amazing Naps

It will never cease to amaze me how children can fall asleep just about anytime anywhere.  I was working on the computer one day and Katie was into our snack cabinet.  I took a look and got after her for making a mess.  I told her she would not get any privilages until after she cleaned up after herself.  I hear her groaning in the kitchen and I ask her what the matter was.  she says the popcorn is too heavy and she can’t put it away.  I start getting frustrated because I think she is being cranky for no reason and is making excuses for not cleaning up after herself.  So I tell her, the classic “It wasn’t too heavy to take it out and make a mess, it’s not too heavy to put away.”  A couple of minutes pass and I don’t hear anything.  I think maybe she went upstairs or something so I look over and see her draped across the popcorn completely passed out.  Feeling like the world’s worst mom I pick her up and tuck her in for a nap.  Then I went over to finish cleaning up and sure enough, that sucker was heavy.  I felt so bad that I had gotten after her but at the same time, I got the cutest picture!!